Carpentry I

Grade: 11 (Double blocked/1 semester)

Credit: 2

Industry Credentials: OSHA 10, NCCER Certification

Career Cluster: Architecture and Construction

Course Sequence Completion Offered in 2022-23 by taking Carpentry II offered to 12th grade students.

Do you have a passion for woodworking?

Carpenters construct, install and repair structures and building frameworks made from wood and other materials.

A good carpenter is detail oriented and has the ability to stay on task. If you have a love of math and like to work with your hands, then carpentry may be the career for you.

Career Pathways: Apprentice Carpenters, Beam Builders, Building Carpenters, Carpenter Apprentices, Commercial Carpenters, Construction Carpenters, Counter Installers.

Typical Salary: Median annual wage for carpentry was $48,330 in May 2019.

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