group of students in woods

On Thursday, October 19,  CTEC HOSA – Future Health Professionals members enjoyed a day of teambuilding and  leaning trust and communication skills.

Students spent the day at Verdun Adventure Bound participating in a variety of exercises to assist them in their classes and to help them gain skills to further them into their future healthcare careers.

Activities in which students participated included climbing a 35-foot wall, moving all members of the group over a large wheel and back, getting an enter group from point A to point B utilizing four boards, and a zip line at the end.

Some of the key take-aways from the day included topics such as:

  • Active Listening – Listen to hear and not respond
  • Sacrifice – Sometimes sacrifice is needed to help the larger group succeed. But never sacrifice to point that you can no longer help.
  • Communication – It’s OK to express your needs and to ask for help.
  • Failure – Sometimes failure is needed to succeed.