culinary students standing outside on patio in front of mountains

Culinary Arts students from the Culpeper Technical Education Center (CTEC) were granted an extraordinary opportunity on Thursday, December 14th, 2023 as they stepped into the world of culinary excellence at The Inn at Little Washington.  Visiting this prestigious 3-star Michelin restaurant is a rare privilege that is extended to only two school groups per year, adding an exclusive touch to the students' culinary journey. 

The day commenced with an immersive etiquette class in the dining room. Under the guidance of seasoned professionals, the students mastered the art of silverware, adeptly managed dishes, navigated the intricacies of glassware, and embraced the nuances of dining in a formal setting. The session also provided insights into how the serving staff accommodates guests' dietary needs and restrictions, offering a comprehensive view of the restaurant's commitment to excellence. 

Venturing into the heart of the culinary domain, students engaged in a dialogue with the morning chefs, posing industry-relevant questions that broadened their understanding of the culinary arts. The visit was punctuated by a delightful treat—The Inn's signature truffle popcorn and a delectable cookie, enhancing the students' sensory experience.

The exploration continued into the "Field of Dreams," the Inn's lush vegetable gardens and farm, providing a glimpse into the farm-to-table philosophy that defines The Inn at Little Washington.

Special acknowledgement is extended to Victoria Lehmann, Culinary Administrator at The Inn at Little Washington, whose expertise and hospitality made the visit seamless and enriching. Gratitude is also extended to hosts Cameron and Katelyn, as well as the entire culinary team and staff at The Inn, whose commitment to culinary excellence was evident at every turn.

A heartfelt thanks is reserved for Edwin Rodriguez, an alumnus of EVHS and now one of The Inn at Little Washington's esteemed chefs, for fostering the connection that made this transformative experience possible.

As our CTEC Culinary Arts students reflect on this exceptional day, they carry with them a newfound inspiration and a broader perspective on the boundless possibilities a career in culinary arts can offer.