CCPS Career and Technical Education Family

In a remarkable display of teamwork and dedication, Culpeper County Public Schools (CCPS) Career and Technical Education (CTE) Department played a crucial role in ensuring the success of the Virginia Association of Agricultural Educators (VAAE) Winter Inservice, held last Friday and Saturday.

Due to unforeseen school cancellations, Culpeper Technical Education Center Culinary Arts students initially scheduled to cater the event were unable to participate. However, a group of eleven dedicated CCPS Career and Technical Education (CTE) staff members, including Ainsley Cockerille, Laura Butcher, Doug Keaton, Matt Barton, Cole Shelton, Tasha New Penton, Jenny Adams, Joan Fincham, Lawrence Carpenter, Jodi Stone, and Michelle Batts rose to the occasion, showcasing the true spirit of collaboration and support within the school community.

Led by the talented Chef Jay Cohen, the group spent the entire day on Friday meticulously preparing, cooking, and serving a delicious meal for over 100 Virginia agriculture teachers in attendance at the event. The catering contract, a crucial aspect of the inservice, was successfully fulfilled, thanks to the combined efforts of Chef Cohen and the selfless CTE staff.

The unexpected turn of events brought out the resilience and adaptability of the CCPS CTE team. Despite the challenges posed by the school cancellations, the group's commitment to ensuring the event's success prevailed. The seamless coordination and hard work of everyone involved, including Chef Cohen's meticulous planning, made the VAAE Winter Inservice a resounding success.

"We are incredibly proud of our CTE teachers who stepped in to support Chef Cohen and ensure the smooth execution of the catering event. Their dedication and teamwork exemplify the strong sense of community within Culpeper County Public Schools," stated CTEC Principal Shaun Summerscales.

CTE Director Randi Richards-Lutz was proud of her department and the way that everyone worked together to make the conference a success.  “The CCPS CTE department is truly a family,” she said. “When one of us needs help, they answer the call. The time of day, day of the week nor mother nature can deter these amazing people.” Richards-Lutz said that she has witnessed this type of teamwork many times within the CTE Department.  “You will often find our middle school and high school CTE teachers and staff at each other's school events to lend a helping hand. Culpeper CTE is very special because of the dedicated, kind people that make a difference every day,” she said.  

The event not only highlighted the expertise of CCPS CTE teachers but also showcased the importance of adaptability and collaboration in overcoming unexpected challenges. As the Culpeper community reflects on this remarkable feat, it serves as a testament to the unwavering commitment of educators to go above and beyond for the success of their students and colleagues.